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Re: [SLE] Custom SuSE kernels?
  • From: Ben Rosenberg <ben@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 15:49:40 -0700
  • Message-id: <20020423224940.GE4058@xxxxxxxxx>
* Alex Daniloff (alex@xxxxxxxxxxxx) [020423 15:25]:
::Sometimes commercial vendors tend to attach their own strings to a
::such open and available essence as a Linux kernel.
::They could warn you that your Linux box will burst in flames and smoke
::if you won't use their version of kernel an so on.
::It's mostly political and marketing trick in order to keep end user
::bound to the particular distro.

That's a load of crap. A lot of the patches SuSE uses early on make it
into the next release of the vanilla kernel and such things as the VM
that is now the standard in the kernel was written by a SuSE employee.

::In reality you can create your own distro from the plain kernel
::sources and run it with the same bells and whistels as a commercial
::distro. The only challenging thing you'll face is a flashy user
::friendly setup/upgrade and installation interface a'la YAST or
::something similar. That is why YAST is not free.

YaST is to bloody free and you get the src. What you are not free to do
is sell it. You can modify the src you DO get and use it any way, shape,
form or fashion you desire. You just can make a small modification and
resell it. It's free as in speech..not as in beer. It's not FSF Free
Software, but it sure as hell is Open Source and free.

::Regarding kernels, you can download latest stable kernel 2.4.18 and
::modutils 2.4.15 from Download newest ALSA modules.
::Deinstall SuSE modutils with --nodeps option.
::Install downloaded modutils. Compile your own kernel tailored to your
::hardware and particular needs. Reboot. Compile ALSA modules according
::to its README files. That's it. You'll notice that your kernel will be
::smaller and faster than default bulky SuSE kernel.
::You can even get rid of that useless boot splash screen designed for
::corporate dorks.

A. Almost everything in the 7.3 and 8.0 kernels are modules now.
B. Damn that's a lot of work for 98% of the userbase
C. The boot screen in 7.3 and 8.0 is a lilo option, so anyone can edit
their lilo.conf and comment it out. It's not part of the kernel
..hasn't been for sometime.

D. Why not just use the SuSE patched kernels? That way you get the
benefit of all the patches that they apply so you don't have to do it
yourself and you can check and uncheck features at will. There isn't a
prerequisite size for a SuSE kernel or a prerequisite number of features
that must be there.

I mean for all this work your talking about doing with compiling this or
that. Why not just run something like Debian. It's much more friendly to
"do everything yourself" then SuSE. *shrug*


"I've never been quarantined. But the more I look around the more I
think it might not be a bad thing." -GC

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