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RE: [SLE] Best graphics card?
  • From: "John W Higgins" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 00:15:39 -0700
  • Message-id: <BBEHLJJGKJFFHNBNPOEGMEHOFHAA.john@xxxxxxxxxxx>

SuSE is not at fault here - remember this is like taking Linux and trying to
run a WinModem on it - it may or may not work - but it's not the fault of
Linux in any way. nVIDIA refuses to play by the same rules as every other
graphics card company does - either leave it alone and give out specs so
other developers can build or open the source and let others assist them.
SuSE would be more then happy, along with every other Linux distro out
there, to make the cards work as well as any other card - problem is nVIDIA
isn't - and that's sorta the end of the line with what anyone outside nVIDIA
can do.

John W Higgins

P.S. It is amazing to see that the complaint level is so much higher for
nVIDIA graphics card then WinModems. Maybe if they were called winVIDIA
graphics cards people wouldn't assume they would work. That wasn't directed
at you Derek, just a random thought that came to mind :)

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From: Derek Fountain [mailto:fountai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [SLE] Best graphics card?

> > How will SuSE-8.0 cope with nVIDIA graphics hardware? I persuaded a
> > colleague to install 7.3 on his box and was horribly embarassed by
> > the way it repeatedly crashed as soon as KDE was running.
> >
> > Once I'd got the latest nVIDIA drivers in place it was fine, but the
> > whole installation experience wasn't a good advertisement for "easy
> > to install" Linux!
> ========================
> Derek,
> My guess is to put the blame where blame is due in this case! Blame
> nVidia and the graphics card included in the laptop. This can't be

I wasn't looking to aportion blame. The machine is a desktop, not a laptop,
and it's a supplied office machine. Like most people in an office
environment, we at IBM don't get to choose the hardware the company puts in
front of us.

The nVIDIA setup in 7.3 just didn't work out of the box for the machine I
tried it on. It locked the machine solid. I don't care who's fault it is, I
just wondered if SuSE have made efforts to ensure their product works better
for 8.0.

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