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Re: [SLE] How to make CUPS work for Canon PS (not in supported list)
  • From: "Theo v. Werkhoven" <twe-suse.e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 23:33:37 +0200
  • Message-id: <20020415233337.A1644@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 10:30:00AM -0400, Kevin McLauchlan wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-04-12 at 19:05, Theo v. Werkhoven wrote:
> > > has SuSE never heard of VLANs?).
> >
> > SuSE probably doesn't like to echo the latest buzz. Networking doesn't get
> > more special if one uses MS speak
> Ok, then, whatever the 'real' term is for not-very-big
> LANs that are segmented into even smaller sections,

Ok, I'd just call that a sub-netted LAN, but then I'm not a network engineer

> where I live. No problem... I'll just enter the IP info
> for the bridge(s) and the other segment(s) in the SuSE
> printer config and .... whoops!... there's no place to
> tell YaST2 that it can/should scan a little further to
> find printers and servers. That's all I meant.

With the right information in /etc/route.conf you shouldn't have to worry
about that information in the printers config.

> > [..]
> > > So, I copied the Cannon PPD (EFMC6A20.PPD) to /etc/cups/ppd
> > > and restarted YaST2. I was hoping that this would cause
> > > another printer instance to appear in the list that
> > > YaST2 presents for editing/adding. Didn't work. There
> > > must be another file or flag somewhere.
> > [..]
> > > Can somebody tell me what I'm really supposed to be doing here?
> >
> > Try /usr/share/cups/model/Canon/
> Ah. I looked closer. I had copied the canon ppd to
> every directory that seemed to have ppd files in it,
> but /usr/share/cups/model/Canon has all its files
> gzipped.

Yep, I'm not really sure why, as the uncompressed .ppd's are not that big.
You can use gzip to make a .ppd.gz of your file though.

> > > I mean, I can probably eliminate the example URIs that
> > > seem to relate to HP JetDirect, because I know I
> > > don't have HP printers, but what about the others?
> >
> > JetDirect isn't excluded to HP alone.
> > Try nmap to see if port 9100 is listening.
> > Port 515 for LPD, port 631 for IPP, port 137,138,139 for SMB.
> > If it /is/ using the SMB ports you might have a problem.
> > (Don't do this when others are using the printer, not all (embedded)
> > TCP/IP stacks react well to nmap scans..)
> Can't do that today. The printer has been down since Friday...
> by strange co-incidence, since shortly after I sent it
> those pages of garbage... but don't tell my co-workers.


> > > What do other people do when their printer does not
> > > appear in the existing "supported" list, in YaST2?
> >
> > Do some Googleing?
> Er... that's how I found that there didn't seem to be any
> downloadable stuff from Canon, and read several people's
> statements as to how poor was Canon's support for free
> operating systems, etc. That's not something upon which

There are still a lot of supported Canon printers in that /u/s/c/m/Canon directory,
unfortunatly the bigger office printers aren't all included.
I'v been trying to get a Toshiba network printer/copier to work with Cups,
but didn't succeed either, eventhough I did have a .ppd file for it.

> is Linux, so please mount the device first) and choose the
> PPD file to be installed". Instead, I'm just forced to pick
> something from the list of wrong choices. I can go back,
> but I can't go forward, and the interface doesn't offer
> me a way to go sideways and point to a new PPD, nor
> even does it just TELL ME that that's what I need to do.
> It would be so simple.

I agree. Cups is one of the easiest ways to get a printer to work (well) in
*nux though, certainly in a network where all workstations support IPP.

> Meanwhile, the CD that the IT guy found for me may
> not actually be for that printer. We've had many
> models over the years, and the CD doesn't name an
> actual printer model. Hope I don't break anything
> expensive.

Never heard of a printer break because of wrong printer codes. A cold reset
allways puts 'm back on their feed.

> it's true... at least half the people in this company don't
> know what a printer profile definition is. And, those people
> are SuSE's target audience if the goal is to get Linux onto
> the corporate desktop. Even worse, as far as the company is
> concerned, they shouldn't need to take time from their
> overworked schedules to learn. My attachment is some blend
> of masochism and sentiment, I guess.

Sounds like you've been given the Sysadmin's job, and you don't even know it yet

> Now, let's see what breaks today.

Anything but the coffee kettle

Theo v. Werkhoven
ICBM 52 8 24N , 4 32 40E.
S.u.S.E 7.3 x86
Kernel 2.4.16-4GB

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