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Re: Corel Wordperfect 2000 for Linux
To all of you who responded to my original inquiry on this subject -
thanks. You have given me a lot to think about. With respect to
Wordperfect 8.0, I actually have it on a cd that came with a book I
bought before getting involved with Linux - Linux Clearly Explained by
Brayn Pfaffenberger (teaches at University of Virginia). If I can figure
out how to install it on SuSE without also installing the Redhat 6.0
that is included on the cd, I may be in business.

My whole reason for starting this thread is, that I do a lot of desktop
publishing and also use Corel Presentations on the road. I know how to
do things with Corel Presentations that I can't do with my copies of
StarOffice 5.2 or my copy of Applixware 5.0. I have over a million
pieces of (Win 98) clip art - mostly commercial versions, but some I've
created + I use a flatbed scanner a lot. I would love to chuck Win 98
altogether, but need the software that runs on it to do my work.

I also have the temporary Linux handicapp of being a Gnome fan. So I
realize it'll be a while before Gnome's office is up to my needs.

Since I know zip about hacking software, I'm not able to contribute to
the development of these programs. I was hoping that Crossover Office or
something like Wine might be a stop gap measure until a truely Linux
version of these apps is developed.

I have an up to date version of Wine on my box, thanks to Ximian Red
Carpet. However, I haven't a clue as to how you load 98 software on
Wine. Right now, I can load Linux software on Linux and 98 software on
98. The problem is, how do you load 98 software on Linux with Wine.
After installing Ximian on SuSE, I thought I had achieved the hardest
task in Linux land. I'm sure Wine couldn't be any harder. (If I can get
Evolution and Galeon to work on SuSE, then there is hope for Wine) I
just need some docummentation. I tried to find a book on Wine at
Boarder's, but all their books on wine are in reference to the drinking

Thanks to all of you who have helped with comments. If anyone knows of
a book on Wine (Linux variety), I'd appreciate the ISBN #.

Catch you later,

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Have a lot of fun!!! (Unix is like a wigwam -- no Gates, no Windows, and
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