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Cardbus & SuSE 7.3
LeavesHaving troubles getting a Cardbus Netgear FA511 10/100 to initialize
under SuSE 7.3. When the card is inserted into the PCMCIA slot of an IBM
ThinkPad 600E Linux provides the unrecognized PCMCIA tone. Netgear provides
a 'tulip_cb.o'
driver on it's drivers CD compiled for RedHat 7.0, but also provides the
source. I tried to different approaches with the drivers, but the same
results... No Initialization....

1.) I compiled an created a build of the driver for SuSE 7.3, and replaced
the original SuSE 'tulip_cb.o' with it. Did not work
2.) Then I went and downloaded the update RPM's for the networking
drivers.... Compiled and applied the update RPM. Made mods to the
/etc/PCMCIA/config... Still no go.

Anyone install an aftermarket Cardbus and get it to work under 7.3? Point me
in the right direction...


David DeCamps

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