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i find myself having to type ifconfig usb0 fooo everytime i put the z
in the craddle anyway t oautomate that?

now i have 2 q?

1) my understanding is that i can use usbmgr to automate that,

2) i am switching from kernel 2.4.16 to 2.4.18

my assumtion is that when i load kernel 4.16. modules for this kernel
load and when i load 4.18 modules for this kernel load, is this

reason i ask is i used to see usbmgr when i did lsmod, this is no longer
the case... yet /etc/init.d/usbmgr shows status ok

why do i no longer see usbmgr when lsmod...

usbmgr is installed, how could i use usbmgr to solve my problem?


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