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Re: [SLE] Alternatives to Vmware?
  • From: Oyku Gencay <oykug@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 18:30:26 +0300
  • Message-id: <3CAB2012.4050502@xxxxxxxxxx>
I just downloaded wine from codeweavers. Before getting deep into it I wonder if anybody knows whether wine from codeweavers eecutes m$ office 97. From what I've read, crosover-oofice is a prepackaged version of wine. Am I right or missing something?


Jerry Feldman wrote:
This was partially answered. Probably the best solution is to use Crossover Office. I recently installed it (had a few minor problems link some symlinks not being set and icons not created). There tech support responded very quickly and their CEO also responded (I run a Linux user group). This allows you to run MS Office and Lotus notes directly under Linux. Not much additional overhead. Last night in my Unix class, I started the class with Star Office, then with the same presentation (created under Star Office) I brought up Microsoft Power Point. Crossover Office simulates the Windows environment, so you get My Documents et. al. Your home directory appears as a Windows share. Crossover Office is a commercial product which costs about $55US for their download version. Most of the $$$ go into the support and development effort, and much is returned back to the community. Crossover Office is essentially and enhanced version of Wine.
Another solution is a lighter weight VM, Win4Lin. This actually runs Windows9x as a Linux process. You need a Windows license. Under Win4Lin you are running Windows as you are with VMWare.

On 2 Apr 2002 at 11:32, Alex Daniloff wrote:

Hello SuSE folkz,
Does somebody know any good alternatives to Vmware to run a few M$
applications as Word97, Excel97.
My manager still can't get rid of his nasty habit of using M$
Many thanks in advance for any advise or source of information.

Jerry Feldman
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Compaq Computer Corp.
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Marlboro, Ma. 01752

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