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RE: [SLE] Ghost... (Red Flag should go up: Symantec sux) - Opinion
I can't follow this guys logic.. I have used ghost ever since I can
remember it has always performed as advertised...With the latest release I
have personally used it to remotely deploy over 700 windows 2000 systems...
I also used it to re-invent a couple of file and print servers ( Redhat 7.2
and Suse 7.2 pro..) So I know it works as advertised...

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Greetings Michael,

I'd be careful with ghost, I read an article in InfoWorld Magazine's "The
Gripe Line" (DEC 17th, 2001 Issue 51 page 49) called "A Ghost of a chance -
Users should expect to get the software they bargained for not a skeleton of
a familiar, more robust product" in the article they talk about how
Symantec's bottom of the line products may be crippled. Be really careful
buying this product they may claim it does one thing but in actuality it
another, so if it doesn't specifically say it can do what you want, I would
stay away from Symantec. They specifically made their website both
misleading and confusing to promote sales.

not to mention (as a small O.T. side note) the past history of this company
screwing products up it does not suprise me at all, you just have to look
back to what they have done to MSAV -IIRC, XTREE [ basterdized and then
discontinued ], and several other products (which I can't remember now) they
sucked the life out of and drove into the dirt and you will quickly learn
that these folks are really screwed up and they only know how to wreck any
decent software that was ever written. Again all in the name of sales.
I really never did figure out the logic behind the buyout and destruction of
Xtree. Anyway, I hate this company and I will never buy anything from them
ever, I can not trust them, I will not trust them.

I would go with "other advice" for alternative solutions (and possibly free
solutions) if I were you.

Even if someone handed me a legally registered anything by some-man-tick I
wouldn't put that crap anywhere near my boxes.


On Thursday 28 February 2002 14:01, you wrote:
.has anyone ever used ghost for linuxbefore. Norton Ghost is supposed to
support Linux products.ext2 filetype to be exact.

So I take my hard drive of my current machine called A and put it
another harddrive in it called B: then I start ghost and look for a
disk to disk copy and it tells me there is not a valid source disk in
the machine.

What is the correct process to take a ghosted image file or to copy a
hard drive, the Symantec help site is no help and I cant find it
anywhere else.

Linux 2.4.7-4GB #1 Thu Oct 25 17:53:12 GMT 2001 i586

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