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Re: [SLE] CrossOver Office with SuSE Linux
  • From: David Johanson <dcjohan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 13:38:01 -0500
  • Message-id: <3CA60609.FDCDBC62@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Chad -

Did as you instructed but during the setup of xover office, after
completing the install of office
2000 (windows update finishes), I get the xover dialog which reads
Installation Report. This is the dialogue where you set the associations
of dozens of file types. After selecting the associations (I did this a
second time after removing xover and 2000 started over) I pressed the OK
button. Instead of it bouncing back up and the install proeeding,
everything came to a full stop, nothing more worked, the computer
started beeping every 2 seconds - just as it does during boot while
trying to locate my SCSI controller - and I have to reboot to stop the
beeping and get my system back. This is not a system crash as I can log
out and back in but this process does not stop the 2 second interval
beeping; only the reboot does that. I can also run other programs while
in X but the install is completly hung.

I looked at the faq page and thought that item 5.1.4 might be
associated with
the problem - bad font somewhere - but trying to run that script results
in the cursor just sitting at the end of the command; pressing return
resilts in a command not found reply as shown below.

root@linux:/home/dcjohan > $ ~/cxoffice/bin/uninstaller --cx-log
font.log --debugmsg +font -- cursor sits after the word font-- <cr>
bash: $: command not found
root@linux:/home/dcjohan >

Any thoughts?


Chad Whitten wrote:

as root run

it will install and then after the crossover plugin is installed you can pop
your office cd in your drive, fire up the crossover plugin and install office.

On Friday 29 March 2002 21:34, you wrote:
Chad -

How do you install this program. I'm dying to play with it to see how
well it works but alas I'm not familiar with something that downloads as
a shell script: Advice please.


Chad Whitten wrote:
it cost $54.95. i have used their crossover plugin for a few months now
(supports realplayer, windows media player, quicktime, word and excel and
powerpoint viewer and a few other things) and didnt mind paying for the
office plugin (actually other than about 1 or 2 suse distros every year
its all i have spent on software in three years) so i could install
office and not have to go to the hassle of saving attachments to emails
and then going to a windows box and opening them via samba.

the main web site is

when i ran the virus (i run a local mailserver on my linux box that the
codeweaver plugin is running on) i setup a few addresses in my outlook
address book (within linux using the plugin) then emailed the sexyfun
virus to myself. checked my email with outlook - got the message about
snow white, etc, clicked on the attachment which is supposed to be a
screen saver and then checked the mail queue on my linux box and there
were bounced messages in the mail spool to root that were the virus being
mailed to the dummy addresses i had setup.

so it seems that the codeweavers folks captured all the essence of
Outlook with their plugin. wonder if macro viruses work for excel and

On Friday 29 March 2002 08:35 am, you wrote:
Chad Whitten wrote:
i installed the cross-over plugin for office yesterday on suse 7.3
and then installed office 2k. both went flawlessly. after about 15
minutes, i could open word, excel, powerpoint, outlook (even tried
the hahaha@xxxxxxxxxxx virus and it worked) and internet explorer.
opened access but it crashed when i tried to create a new database.
but the other apps would open up and let me edit files, create new
files, etc just like i was using a windows machine. created icons on
my desktop for word and excel (would never use outlook for any reason
nor would i use access) and all i have to do is click the icon and
bam Word opens - just as fast as it does on a windows box to i might

I also installed adobe illustrator and if i can find a copy of
quicken lying around the office will try that.


Chad -

Where did you buy it and what was the cost? I think I would like
to give this a run. What did the virus do when you ran it; I very


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