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Re: [SLE] CrossOver Office with SuSE Linux
  • From: John Scott <fyrbrds@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 12:54:37 +0100
  • Message-id: <3CA455FD.9090909@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

ben@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

* John Scott (fyrbrds@xxxxxxxxxxxx) [020328 17:50]:
->As far as Crossover Office: I'll wait until there are more supported ->apps. When it can do quicken and Easy CD Creator, buying it will be a ->no-brainer for me.

I agree with the Quicken thing..but I'm not sure why you can use native
CD burning tools in Linux. When I worked at SuSE we had a burning
station. It had an external box with 6 CDR's in it and a CDR in the
machine itself. It worked perfectly..never had an issue copying
anything. I'm just curious...cause there are plenty of GUI tools for
this. Do none of them do what you there some strange thing that
Easy CD creator does that these do not?


Well, I can get the functionality I need using various linux packages but none of them are as comprehensive as adaptec's Easy CD Creator. Adaptec ECC is very intuitive. All the functions you need are self explanatory. The linux tools have a lot of quirks. To date I have never burned a CD in linux simply because they are such a pain to configure and use. The last time I tried, I spent a half hour getting the files I wanted burned in the layout window in Xcdroast. When I clicked record the program imploded. I'm sure I could have made it work eventually as I have with other hurtles like this, but I've never been in the mood. Some things just shouldn't be difficult. Fortunately it's not something I do a *whole* lot. It's frequent enough however that I'd like to have a *good* tool so I don't have to dual boot. In other words: though the linux tools are functional, Easy CD Creator towers above them SO high that it's not worth it to burn them in linux for now. I know others will disagree, but that's only speaking for me.

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