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The existing mysql installation was built from the source
as well, but it is installed in the /var/lib/mysql.

When I install the new one into the default location (/usr/local)
other than having a problem starting it, should I run into any
other problems with the original mysql installation??

Thanks :-)

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On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Drew J. Como wrote:


I have MySQL installed and working perfectly on my SuSE 7.2
system. Now, I would like to build a new version of MySQL
and run two database servers on the same physical machine.

If I do the standard (make && make install, etc), will it
make changes to the current installation? If yes, what can
I do to make them co-exist separately??

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Hello Drew,

When you compile and install MySQL from source, it installs under
/usr/local/mysql, so it does not conflict directly with the MySQL shipped
with SuSE.

However, they do conflict when started up as they listen to the same port,
or socket.
So, in order to avoid that, you should start, say, the one under
/usr/local/mysql with a some --listen-port swich with a different port
number and then adjust the clients to connect to either you wish to use.

I hope this helped. If not, ask again :-)

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