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RE: [SLE] (OT) HP Toner/Drum question ...

I have had the 5L printer for about 5 years now and have never had
to service the printer. Yes, the gravity feed is a pain at times
(multiple pages, thinks there's a jam when there really isn't, etc.)
however, it's a really good printer. I paid $400.00 for it way
back when, and you can probably find one in good condition for a few

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Subject: Re: [SLE] (OT) HP Toner/Drum question ...

On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 19:37, Jim Hatridge wrote:

Thanks for your note. Can you tell me what you like about the 5L and
Do you have any problems with the paper feeding into the printer? I had an
old Deckjet 500 that, at the end before I replaced it, had to push each
paper in by hand. A real PIA <G>. BTW how old is your printer?

Hi Jim,

Only one dislike; I cant find a memory module upgrade. Mine came with
only 1Mb and under heavy load i.e whilst RTFM in SuSE 5.2 (remember then
?).I was guilty of felling the equatorial rain forest in kernel 2.0-pre9
or so.

Try and find the 4 Mb upgrade which I think slots neatly in.

And more importantly, avoid using very thin sheet like 80g. You will
have to unassemble the unit, to clean out the mess. I did that twice.
Phew !!

Whilst perusing at a computer fair last weekend in London, I saw a 5L
for £60.00
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