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Rpm Database Is Stuffed
Is there any way to repair the rpm database in SuSE 7.3?

On my last few attempts at installing different rpm packages through
kpackage, gnorpm or command line, the install starts, runs for about 10
minutes, breaks up the screen display, freezes the system and sits there
spinning the hdd into oblivion. The only way out is a hard reset.

On a couple of occasions the packages did in fact install successfully,
others show up in kpackage as having been installed, but are in fact not
on my hdd. Selecting the kpackage file list for these non-existent
packages brings up a message correctly saying that the package is not
installed. Using kpackage's uninstall option reports the same thing and
makes the package disappear from the installed list. Reloading the list
or restarting kpackage restores the fictitious packages to the list.

It's very likely that I generated this problem, by accidentally
installing a Gnome specific package with kpackage while running KDE,
because that was the first time the rpm installation crashed and has
continued to crash my system ever since then.

It may have no relevance to this problem, but just before this first
crash I tried to perform a YOU update which just died at the end of the
download stage.

Any suggestions or guidance on how this can be fixed (not a reinstall
pleeeeeeease) would be appreciated.



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