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Which FAQ? (was Re: [SLE] Archive search technique (was...

Y'know, if Togan had not pointed out the UNOFFICIAL
FAQ in the next reply (which arrived 20 minutes later),
I would have had NO idea
that that was what you were referring to. As it is,
I spent twenty minutes looking in obvious places
for the official FAQ (like the SuSE site, specifically
the Support pages, and their HowTos and FAQs, and I
tried the FAQ link at the bottom of list messages,
where I learned wonderfully important stuff about
how to pronounce SuSE and whether SuSE is publicly

So anyway, I came back and looked (after that 20
minutes of useless futzing -- well, not quite
useless, as I found a new technical FAQ that was
not there the last time I visited the Support FAQ...)
and saw Togan's message.

So, not to be ungrateful or anything, but Togan's
message was a more helpful reply than yours.

This leaves another question. Is there a link to
that unofficial FAQ in a prominent place that I've
been overlooking? If there's an official FAQ,
other than the "How do you pronounce SuSE..."
then maybe that should be displayed. Or, maybe
Togan's FAQ link should be at the bottom of
every message.

I don't read every message in [SLE]. I don't have
that many hours in my days.

By the way, silly me, I've got about 10,000 [SLE]
messages saved locally, and I did not do a search
on them for "faq". Why? You ask? Well, because
"faq" appears at the bottom of all 10,000 of them,
so I thought it might be a bit redundant to search...


/kevin (confused, as always)

On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 12:58, Christopher Mahmood wrote:
* Kevin McLauchlan (kmclauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [020325 09:57]:
Speaking of the archives... is there a way
(I haven't seen it) to search message content?

Please see the FAQ.



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