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Re: [SLE] SuSE and MAC OS and Doze and MAC software
On Sun, 2002-03-24 at 22:17, schuetzen - RKBA! wrote:

ASUS A7V with a 750mhz Tbird iow, an x86 for all intents and measures.


CAN I install MAC OS X on the system and then install SuSE 8.0 over it ?
will this run?

You can not run Mac OS X on a x86 machine :) But you can run Darwin on
it .. Maybe it's possible to run Mac OS X with Bochs in the future on a
x86 machine.

will this combo run both MAC and Doze software?

Point is, I really want to get all possible M$ software off of it to include
the OS and yet, still be able to run certain s/w that has not yet been ported
either MAC or Linux.

example is Forte/Dazler's Agent email and newsgroup reader client.

If you see Pan e.g. you can leave Forte :)

But: there are ways to run Windows software, with Bochs, Vmware or Wine
.. I don't know for Mac software



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