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Re: [SLE] spread sheet help: Staroffice:

The best method I found for getting text files into Staroffice and
having them neatly formatted is this:
From the Spreadsheet menu select 'Insert' Then 'Sheet...'
This will open a dialogue box fro you to enter parameters.
Ignore the top section - look at the bottom half of the Dialogue - you
should find a radio button labeled 'From File' click this.
Then click the 'Browse' button on the Right. Pick your text file.
It will be inserted into the list of files under the radio button. Make
sure your file is selected and click the OK button - then you will have
the nice import formatting dialogue the you can use.

Hope all that made sense to you ;-)


On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 12:02, Burra ShivaPrasad wrote:
dear all,

I have trivial query:
I have ascii data text table generated out of a small c++ prog.
looks as follows :

a b c
a 1 2 3
q 34 23 3
m 2 4 5
n 65 54 34

In M$ excel, it has a "import" utility and directly reads the
ascii text in this format and fills up the spread sheet in respective

But , I dont find such an option in StarOffice and
if I try to open the file, it automatically opens it as a text document
(sdw) file....

How to import a text file into start office spread sheet...

its too trivial, but I am unable to solve it...

thankyou for the help

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