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Re: [SLE] Remote Access for SuSE 7.2
On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 16:52, Gideon Hallett wrote:
On Thursday 21 March 2002 15:32, Tarek wrote:
Sorry, What i want is the full KDE screen
access to another machine.

it's clear ?

In other words, you want a full X session to another machine?

Is it a local machine on your network, or a remote machine?

If it is remote, then there are a whole host of potential security
problems associated with what you want to do, although you can do

The actual process is described by Jonathan Liu as follows;

Server Side

The person in control of the server must have X Windows installed
and configured in order for this to work. The administrator also

No, X doesn't have to be configured on the server. It is enough that
xlibs are installed.

must give you a shell so another user can connect to the server. To
add a new user use the useradd or adduser commands. The user must
connect through some form of remote login such as SSH, Telnet or
rlogin. The last two are not recommended as network sniffers can
get passwords since Telnet and rlogin send them in clear text. Now
to enable a user to have the ability to start X Windows remotely
you must execute the following command:

xhost +user

No no, xhost will give a user permission to access the running X server
on the machine. It is quite unnecessary on the remote machine. However,
if you have a local X server running, and want to run applications on
the remote machine that display locally, you would do

xhost +inet:remotehost

For XDMCP, which I suspect is the real issue here, xhost isn't needed,
since a new X server is started on the local machine.


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