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Re: [SLE] Setting default url handlers
On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 13:22, Christopher Mahmood wrote:
* Dave Barton (bmcs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [020319 17:51]:
I previously asked this question on the Opera for Linux mailing list and
(in essence) I was told that Linux is inferior to Windows in that it
does not have any global mechanism by which to associate file types (eg.
htm,html) with a specific application (eg. Opera). I find it difficult
to believe that in all the man years of Unix / Linux development such an
elementary mechanism has been totally ignored and / or overlooked.

/etc/mime.types, /etc/magic, what else would you want? I don't
want, for example, a .html fine to be opened by a browser if I'm
trying to edit it...

Thanks for replying Christopher, but:

a) I don't understand what you are trying to tell me. Why are you
talking about an html file being edited? What I want to do (and in part
have succeeded in doing) is open an html file which I have selected for

b) Your answer was of little more help than I got in the Opera mailing
list. You seem to have simply jumped on my preamble to explain my


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