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Re: [SLE] web log
** On Tue, 12 Mar 2002 18:19:04 -0500 (EST) Landy Roman
<landy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>dashed off this message:

**i saw these entries in my weblog anything i can do against this
** - - [12/Mar/2002:07:47:44 -0500] "GET

<major snippage>
Oh cr*p , can we never kill this thing? It seems to re-awaken every few
months ( probably more often should you be running a windows IIS setup )
There is a program out there called Labrea ( of the tarpits fame .)
IIRC it will hold onto anyone that attaks w/ something like Nimda and
it's variants. At leat that is what it's suposed to do, and bring their
server down. However, if you are in the US , It *might* leave You open
to prosecution .. <sigh>
AS the others have said , you are imune to it's damage ..


afterthought : On the internet no one can tell if you're a dog. <WOOF> Rats!
What a giveaway.

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