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Re: [SLE] email client and Yahoo smtp
  • From: Derek Fountain <fountai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 12:54:41 +0000
  • Message-id: <200203071254.MAA49082@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Does anyone know email client (for linux of course) that can send email
through Yahoo smtp? Because I just configure KMail (version 1.2, KDE
2.1.2) to send mail via Yahoo smtp but fail. I've check the Yahoo help
page, and it says that email client must support authentication. It
list several email clients (under windows unfortunately)...

They switched it on yesterday didn't they? In the past 2 months (since the
original notification), I've asked twice on this list how to configure for
SMTP authentication, but no one has come up with an answer. My outbound email
ground to a halt yesterday as well. :(

The only option at the moment seems to be to switch to a mail client which
supports SMTP authentication. Netscape 4 and 6 both do, and Evolution too,
but if you want to stick with KMail you'll have to upgrade to the latest
release candidate for KDE3. I'm not willing to do that (I need stability on
my desktop) so I've switched to Netscape6. I had to leave all my old mail
behind. :(

I wish someone would tell me how to configure SuSE's Sendmail config to
support SMTP authentication. I tried to figure it out myself but got nowhere.
Surely someone must know how to do it?

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