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RE: [SLE] remote starting a java app through SSH
What you are trying will not work. When you type

# java -jar CrushFTP.jar

I assume you get a GUI for some application. Some of the things that go
behind the scenes is that a connection to your X server is established
and and the GUI is rendered in your display.

If you connect from an mswindows box to your linux box and try to run
your java app nothing will happen, because your windows box does not
have an X server. It's like trying to run explorer in a linux box by
executing the binary in a terminal.

There are a few commercial and non-commercial X servers for ms windows.
A good solution for you may be VNC
(, which is free of charge.


That makes perfect sense, but wouldn't I use a program such as VNC only if I
wanted to SEE the GUI remotely? (I do NOT WANT TO DO THIS). All I want to do
is issue a command (remotely) through SSH to START the software on the Linux

I do not need to SEE it start up.

Any idea how I can accomplish this?


Eric Carbone

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