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usb hardrive lockup
  • From: "Art Fore" <art_fore@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 11:58:26 -0800
  • Message-id: <HJEPLJODOMIPKPAABOFFKEKBCDAA.art_fore@xxxxxxxx>
I have a Maxtor external usb harddrive I use to backup files, etc. When I
copy a directory with subdirectories, it gets to 24 % then stalls according
to Progress Dialog - KDE. I have had this problem since 2.4.10 kernel. Drive
access light is always on. Only way to stop things is to unplug the usb
cable. If I try to unmount, it says device busy. If I reboot, it takes
forever unless I unmount drive which I can't without unplugging the cable.
In the present case, it has transfered 159 MB of 632 MB. Also have problems
deleting file from this drive. Comes up and says cannot delete the file!

fstab has
/dev/sda1 /windows/D vfat noauto,user 0 2 and
usbdevfs /proc/bus/usb usbdevfs defaults,noauto, 0 0
Drive has no operating system, but is formated as fat32.

Any Ideas on this?


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