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Re: [SLE] RE: splash screen
  • From: Landy Roman <landy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 22:18:15 -0500 (EST)
  • Message-id: <20020302031815.B0D103280C4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sat, 2 Mar 2002 04:00:06 +0100
Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Saturday 02 March 2002 03:55, Landy Roman wrote:
On Sat, 2 Mar 2002 03:50:32 +0100

Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Saturday 02 March 2002 03:50, Landy Roman wrote:
i tried running mk_initrd and failed

Well mk_initrd is really an essential step in the boot splash
thingy. If it fails I'm not really all that surprised you don't get
the graphics.

Did you get any error messages or anything?

using "/dev/hda3" as root device (mounted on "/")
no initrd required
rmdir: too few arguments
Try `rmdir --help' for more information.

OK, perhaps there's a bug in mk_initrd in 7.2 that causes it to not
build when there aren't any modules listed, even when it should add a
boot splash.

Try add a module (say reiserfs) to INITRD_MODULES in /etc/rc.config, run
mk_initrd, make sure it's entered into lilo.conf, run lilo and reboot.

this created /boot/initrd
but still dont have the splash screen

here is my lilo.conf
# LILO configuration file
# Start LILO global Section
# If you want to prevent console users to boot with init=/bin/bash,
# restrict usage of boot params by setting a passwd and using the option
# restricted.
#compact # faster, but won't work on all systems.
# End LILO global Section
image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = /dev/hda3
label = linux
initrd = /boot/initrd

image = /boot/vmlinuz.suse
root = /dev/hda3
label = suse
initrd = /boot/initrd

other = /dev/hda1
label = windows
table = /dev/hda

image = /boot/memtest.bin
label = memtest86

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