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Re: [SLE] [TROLL]Fixing Linux/Windows was SuSE CTO and President Steps Down
  • From: Bruce Marshall <bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 00:36:28 -0400
  • Message-id: <200108310436.f7V4aSM28011@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 30 August 2001 11:58 pm, Clint Tinsley wrote:
> Christopher D. Reimer wrote:
> >I think Win98 had a bug where it would crash every 45 days or so.
> One thing I don't understand is this mantra about how long you can leave
> a computer up before it will crash or when you might need to force it
> down or reboot to get things running right again. At a Novell
> conference a year or so back, they had contest to find longest running
> server. One of the longest running ones was one that had been up over 8
> years and probably hadn't been seen in that length of time because it
> had been walled in and the only way they found it was pull on the
> wire... :-)) Most people turn off their systems off when they go home
> at night or go to bed and that does not qualify as a reboot. As a
> Network Administrator, I want people to log off and turn off their
> computers at night before leaving...
> Clint

It's all about reliability and productivity..... How many times does one
have to re-boot when doing Windows Updates? About 6 times too many. Every
damn little thing that gets changed in Windows requires a re-boot!


I run a VPN package on Windows that likes to change the domain setting down
in the DNS config of Windows Networking. It does this when you start up the
package. Ok, fine and it sets it back if it closes cleanly. But usually
sometime during the day there's a line drop or some other hiccup and it
doesn't close cleanly. In order to get my own domain back in there I have
to go change it... and then.... REBOOT!

Why in hell should you have to reboot an entire operating system (using the
term very loosely) when all you are doing is changing the domain setting.
Don't have to reboot in Linux for almost anything. Hell, I can even add a
SCSI tape and/or scanner to my setup on the fly. I think for Windows that
would take two reboots.. one for it to discover that the tape is there and
another after it has found some driver to use with it...

In any event, this is the last we should say about this (after your retort of
course) since this is costing other people money in download time.


+ Bruce S. Marshall bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx Bellaire, MI 08/31/01 00:31 +
First Law of Money Dynamics:
"A surprise monetary windfall will be accompanied by an unexpected
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