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Re: [SLE] [TROLL]Fixing Linux/Windows was SuSE CTO and President Steps Down
  • From: Tony White <tony@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 23:14:32 +0300
  • Message-id: <>

And don't forget that 99.999(9...?)% of windows desktops get a daily reboot. (ie. when the user goes home/bed ;-) )

And... I know of one international humanitarian organisation with over 200 WinNT servers - each of which runs a script to reboot at midnight local time worldwide 'just to make sure'

My SuSE 6.1 router/gateway (on a Compaq Deskpro XE433S) has been running 6 months without reboot (but is about to get the 7.2 treatment!)


At 16:42 30/08/2001 +0200, Anders Johansson wrote:
So you're still running fat 16 then?! That can't be very efficient.

And how exactly do you upgrade a hard drive without reformatting?

And what exactly do you think you're doing when you're 'upgrading' from one
winversion to the next, if not *reinstalling*!

However, if your definition if re-installation is reformatting/repartitioning
then you can that is very, very possible with linux. There was a transition
from the old minix file system to ext2 some time in the distant past, but
apart from that I can see no *forcing* reason to reformat! Ever!

On Thursday 30 August 2001 03.11, Clint Tinsley wrote:
> I think it has been said here that much of problems are attibutable to
> the wetware at the keyboard, not the operating system, be it Linux or
> Windows. Incidentally, my Windows 98 SE is system is an upgrade that
> started out life as DOS/Windows 3.1, upgraded many times with newer
> system board, hard drives, adapter cards, CD-ROMs, DVD, etc. et. al, and
> operating systems - Windows95, 95a, 98, 98SE, all without a hit, never
> formatted C or reinstalled Windows! I don't think I could have done the
> same thing starting out with an early version of Linux such as Slackware
> or Calderea Open Base 1.x (I have a copy or each) and made the same
> claim... There would have definitely been some destructive (read: blow
> the hard drive) reinstalls a long the way if not recompilations of the
> operating system.
> Clint

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