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SuSE Support, where are you?
  • From: "Tom Poe" <tompoe@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:26:15 -0700
  • Message-id: <015401c130d9$9f3b88c0$0301a8c0@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi: Anyone from SuSE to help me out, here? Here's what the RFC says about
envelope headers:
Generating SMTP Commands from RFC 822 Headers

2. The return address in the MAIL command SHOULD, if possible, be
derived from the system's identity for the submitting (local)
user, and the "From:" header field otherwise. If there is a
system identity available, it SHOULD also be copied to the Sender
header field if it is different from the address in the From
header field. (Any Sender field that was already there SHOULD be
Now, my problem is, SuSE7.1Pro is using the envelope header as the return
path, rather than my KMail identity info. I recently switched ISP's, and
the return path still uses tompoe@xxxxxxxxxx, rather than my KMail identity
and reply to address: tompoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I need help to find out where
SuSE7.1Pro is looking to find the old identity address, so I can update it.
I updated Sendmail, and have looked through a lot of config files, but can't
locate it. When I bring up SuSE Help, I don't have search capability in it
with dig, so I can't use that. Any support techs from SuSE reading the list
mail, really could help me out by letting me know where the envelope sender
info is stored. Thanks, Tom

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