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RE: [SLE] ATI All-In-Wonder graphics card anyone?

I am using a ATI All in Wonder Pro w/ a Rage 3D Pro chipset. If you are
using Xfree86 4.1.0, this card is fabulous. All you have to do to get the TV
card to work is go to the livid website and get the GATOS binaries. I have
not tried to do PVR usage w/ it. Also, any Hauppauge card works well.
However, ATI does double duty.

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> is in a word BAD. in linux, but works great under win.

Ah, right! Thanks! That's saved me a pile of money!

But does anyone have any other recommendations on how I can get decent
quality videotape to hard disk capture under Linux? Do I really have a get a

Win2K partition on my machine just to do this one job?

> > report came from Windows-based experience though. Anyone using one on
> > Linux who can tell me how good video capture is?

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