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7.2 install woes...more errors than you can shake a stick at
Hi all

I installed 7.2 yesterday and it was a nightmare, lots of errors. If anyone
can help with one or two from below, please advise or if already answered on
the mailing list, how do you search the list? Before I used geocrawler, but
now there seems no way of searching.

Questions, details follow. Thanks Rich

1. How to use two swap partitions, what is priority 42?
2. Anti-aliased fonts do not seem to work.
3. attempt to access beyond end of device...?
4. Installing packages, many errors - grep broken pipe etc.
5. can't locate char-major-145.
6. Sound pops on startup and shows insmod errors with KDE 2.1.2.
7. USB Logitech Quickcam Express and Miro TV card

1. How do you get to use two swap partitions? YaST2 only used one of the two
partitions setup, with this entry in /etc/fstab. What does the pri=42 do?
/dev/hdb2 swap swap pri=42 0 0

Before I just used defaults. Do I simply add another line like:

/dev/hda10 swap swap pri=42 0 0 or /dev/hda10 swap swap defaults 0 0 ?

2. Anti-aliased fonts? Should these work with the fonts installed by default
with 7.2? Or do I need MS fonts ttf to see any advantage? I have turned them
on under KDE CC Style, but there appears no difference. I did notice this
message whilst installing Xlib: extension RENDER missing on :0.0 but after
install it no longer appears. I am using a Matrox G200.

3. I had lots of this message repeated in my log files, anyone know what it

Aug 27 16:04:30 linux kernel: Directory sread (sector 0x14eff31) failed
Aug 27 16:04:30 linux kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
Aug 27 16:04:30 linux kernel: 03:01: rw=0, want=10977177, limit=7341673

It might be tied in to something wrong with the DVD or my DVD drive as I had
a few packages that returned an error when installing. Only afterwards did I
find an explanation of sorts, it showed the rpms as not found on the DVD, see
log for YaST2 below, in the end I manually installed the rpms that were
reported as missing?!

2001-08-27 13:35:08 <2> linux(188) [packager] Package
/var/adm/mount/suse/a1/lilo.rpm not found

4. Installing packages from YaST1 and 2 reports many errors in the

grep: writing output: Broken pipe [repeated many times]

fopen: no such file or directory [repeated many times]

/sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link [Should this be
a symbolic link, is this just a warning?]

5. Every time the pc is started it reports it can not locate char-major-145.
What is 145? Do I just add a line in modules.conf to show "off"?

6. Sound

I am using an ISA AWE 32 sound card that worked fine under SuSE 6.3. 7.2
works fine except for a loud pop when starting the PC and under KDE 2.1.2 I
get these insmod errors:

insmod: a module named snd-pcm-plugin already exists
insmod: insmod: insmod sound-service-0-3 failed

7. USB Logitech Quickcam Express and Miro TV card

Mandrake 8 detects and uses a module for this camera out of the box. A
driver is not available in the SuSE kernel, but I have the driver to insmod
it manually, but how do I go about using this driver automatically with kmod,
like under Mandrake 8?

Also I have a Miro TV card using the BT848 chip, SuSE 7.2 known problems has
a configuration page for TV cards but the link does not work:

The requested URL /en/sdb/html/cg_wintv.html was not found on this server.
Where is this page, or does anyone have the instructions?

Many thanks
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Richie Rich

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