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Re: [SLE] VMWare, Win4Lin, and SuSE 7.2
  • From: Ron Cordell <roncordell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:19:21 -0400
  • Message-id: <200108230119.f7N1JMt20632@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Yes - I use VMWare Express because it was lots cheaper than VMWare
Workstation - I really did not want to pay $300 for Workstation. However, I
agree that Workstation runs much better than VMWare Express.

On the other hand, VMWare Express does what I need it to do with Win98, and
the networking works just great between the Windows, Linux and Solaris
machines that I work with, both here and at customer sites.


On Tuesday 21 August 2001 10:16 am, Derek Fountain wrote:
> > But in relating my problems on the list, someone clued me that if I gave
> > my guest WIN98 machine (under VMware) some more virtual memory, things
> > would get better. Instead of 48MB (default) I gave it 200MB. (I have
> > 512MB ram) Things got a whole lot better!
> Two not-so-secret secrets to decent Vmware performance: Windows NT/2000 and
> lots of memory. I only ever ran NT/2K in mine until a few months ago when I
> found a piece of 98-only software I wanted to try. So I installed a
> temporary Win98 machine, and immediately understood what people are
> complaining about when they say it's slow. It was virtually unusable, yet
> Vmware/NT on the same box, given only 32MB of RAM, works reasonably well
> (as long as you only do one thing at a time with it!).
> And memory: the stuff is so cheap these days and extra 256MB is within most
> people's budgets. I upgraded from 256MB to 1GB last week and it cost less
> than 100UKP. I can now give the Win2K machine 256MB and it really is sweet.
> Well, as sweet as such a dubious OS is ever likely to be... ;)

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