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Re: [SLE] AMD running too hot
  • From: Roman Shakin <rshakin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 14:19:44 -0700
  • Message-id: <20010821141944.J65613@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello All,

I get a number of emails asking "My Duron/T-Bird runs at
45-50-55-60-65 C; is this too hot?" In my faq, anything over ambient is too
hot, a great goal but not realistic for air cooling. For an answer, I took a
look at some AMD specs to see what AMD recommends. I'm going to look at two
areas: AMD's recommended temps and the difference between cooling Durons and

AMD's absolute temp maximum is 90 C up to 1000 MHz and 95 C over that. Anyone
even close to these temps is one step away from a toasted CPU.

AMD's specs contained in "AMD Thermal, Mechanical, and Chassis Cooling Design
Guide" (p. 13, Publication # 23794 Rev: B Issue Date: October 2000) gives the
following guidelines:

CPU up to 48 watts: C/W of .55
CPU up to 55 watts: C/W of .41
CPU up to 70 watts: C/W of .32

C/W means that for every watt the CPU radiates, the heatsink is supposed to
cool the core by C/W x watts plus ambient temp. AMD specs system temp at 45
C, which is on the warm side. What all this means when you run the numbers is
the following:

CPU up to 48 watts: 26.4* + 45 = 71.4 C
CPU up to 55 watts: 22.6 + 45 = 67.6 C
CPU up to 70 watts: 22.4 + 45 = 67.4 C

So if you just adhere to AMD's spec, anything over 67 C is not
recommended. Hopefully you do better than 45 C case temp, so you should knock
at least 10 and better yet 15 C off the 45; this gives you something like 50
C, assuming a 30 C case temp. That's about the upper end of "acceptable" from
my perspective.

It's no surprise that we are seeing a lot of heatsinks coming with Delta 38s
- how else can they deliver cooling temps that we consider acceptable with
older heatsink designs? This new crop of "screamers" is pushing C/Ws into
the 0.25 range; this means, with a case temp of 30 C, CPU temps of 47.5 C at
70 watts is achievable.

But if you are really concerned about your core temp and your case
temp, I would suggest you get a 50+ watt peltier and not worry about your
processor being too hot anymore.... and worry about your processor being too
cold... :) I happen to have a MSi K7T Turbo-R Limited Edition, and as most of
the overclocking community knows that this motherboard is a power hog. This
is it's current output...

8/21/2001 | 1:46:16 PM | 1207 MHz | 72° C | 30° C

This is using a 1.2 ThunderBird 266FSB Boxed CPU and Stock Cooling...
Yeah not too fun... I am forced to use peltiers on this board... because it's
very hot... I've used this CPU in Abit Kt7-Raid and had Temps at 55@idle and
66@full load, and on this board I have this temp range 62@idle and 75+80@
full on a hot day, with no ac running... Right now it's at 67, while I am
writing this and working in Gimp and Running X and Bunch of other Stuff...
but not at full load. And it's stable as a rock... I think it's all depends
on the motherboard you are using and how close the temp probe to the core of
the cpu... i have one of those flat ones and It's right under the cpu...

# # # # # # # # # # # #
# # # # # # # # # # # #
####################### <--- Heatsink
*******^^^^^^^^******** <--- Copper Shim and Thermal Tape with CPU Core
!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@! <--- Socket A, and Cpu Sensor

As you can see from my crappy asci art... yeah I know I am not good
at it I get more accurate temp readings by having the sensor touch the back
of the cpu core... and thats maybe why it's shows it at being hot... I also
have a Digital Doc 5 that monitors my Case Temp and My Heatsink Temp... And
it says that the Temp on the CPU heatsink is 43C@ Full and 35C@xxxxxxx So
for everyone who thinks that your CPU is running too hot, it's probably is
running too hot... So if you are really concerned about it... put a Peltier
on it and you won't have to worry about it being too hot... but you might
have to worry about it being too cold... :) If you have any questions feel
free to email to me.... or call or page... and even use snailmail if you
really like to :)


PS: If anyone has an old Abit KA7-100 and still has all the manuals and a
box... would you please email me... abit won't accept my stuff withought the
box... If you really want to know what happened to it... I melted the
capacitors and they are nice and brown looking... I think I am one of the 5
people who did it... I think I deserve some kind of a prize for that...

On Tue, Aug 21, 2001, The Purple Tiger wrote:

> Hey all,
> Just a quickie - On the old AMD thread of things:
> I have an AMD Athlon 1GHz on a K7VZA mobo.
> This is linux related as I run linux on that machine - but is more of a
> hardware question.
> If the computer has been on for any length of time, there is about a 90%
> chance the following will happen when I turn the machine off and on again:
> The machine doesn't "turn on" - We have power, but it doesn't get to the
> Graphics card init, and the processor QUICKLY heats up![I turn it off in a
> matter of seconds, and the heatsink is difficult to hold due to the temp].
> If I remove the heatsink and cool it down with a desk fan and then refit it,
> then about 80% of the time it will work straight away when I turn the
> machine on... And then if I go into BIOS temperature readings, the
> temperature rapidly decreases as the heatsink does its job... it has been as
> high as 70 degrees!!!
> Otherwise the CPU runs at about 34 deg Celcius after running Linux or
> Windows for hours on end.
> Oh, the case is open and has a desk fan blowing into it until I get to the
> shop for a few case fans! "System Temperature" stays at around 25% celcius
> at the moment.
> And ideas?
> Flaky mobo or procesor maybe? I hope not as I can't really afford to shell
> out on a new one!!! If needs must though....
> Thanks,
> Jon Jeffels, the Purple Tiger
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