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Re: [SLE] VMWare, Win4Lin, and SuSE 7.2
  • From: Michael Molloy <mmolloy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 08:52:07 -0500
  • Message-id: <3B826787.5040400@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I don't believe there is a demo of Win4Lin 3.0. I took the plunge and purchased it because a friend highly recommended it. I had some trouble with it recently and took the opportunity to try the VMWare demo.

Win4Lin Pros
Networking and filesharing are great. Both the c:\ and d:\ drives are directories in my linux home directory, so it is very, very easy to share files between operating systems.
Windows seems to be about as responsive as a regular installation.
I get 99% of the functionality that I need.
Win4Lin Cons
Emulates a Cyrix CPU which prevents some SQL Server tools from installing. (They demand a true 586 or higher system).
Only runs Windows95 or Windows98. Again, some SQL server tools will only install on Win2k.
Kernel support is running a bit behind. No support for SuSE 7.2 yet. I'm having to run their generic 2.4.5 kernel, which means no sound :-(

VMWare Pros
Recognized my PIII chip, so that allowed me to install all of the SQL Server 2k tools that didn't require Win2k.
Like Win4Lin, the functionality was quite good
VMWare Cons
Didn't seem quite as responsive as I had hoped, but I've only got a total of 192 MB RAM in my machine, so I couldn't afford to give it as much as Bruce did.
Filesharing was a bit confusing. Admittedly, I have only set up Samba once, and that was several months ago, but it was a task to configure networking to get an external IP address, to get an internal (i.e., on my machine's internal network) IP address, and to cooperate with my existing Samba setup to share files between the Windows installation and linux. Fortunately for me, support at Netraverse solved the problem I was having with Win4Lin, and I didn't have to (get to?) figure all of that out.

All things considered, I'm very happy with Win4Lin. VMWare would have been better if the filesharing had been easier.


Bruce Marshall wrote:
On Tuesday 21 August 2001 04:42, Derek Fountain wrote:

1. Anyone tried both VMWare and Win4Lin, what are the plusses/minuses
of each? (I'm thinking of VMWare express or Win4Lin 3.0)
2. Anyone get either to work with 2.4.9?
3. Is there an eval version of Win4Lin 3.0? I can't find it . . .

Answers are in the archives, as already pointed out by someone else. Extra
details, for what they are worth :

I use Vmware 2.0.4 on Hubert Mantel's 2.4.7 kernel and my own 2.4.8 kernel.
Haven't tried 2.4.9 but I think it would probably be OK.

Netraverse, producers of Win4Lin, are in financial trouble. Whether this
should have any bearing on your decision is up to you.

To add my comments:

I used to run Win4Lin under 2.2.18 on a Caldera distro. It worked ok but I did have some problems and I never felt comfortable running with their patches and the install was cumbersome and I never knew where 'all the pieces' were.

When I moved to SuSE 7.2, I a) Still had some unresolved issues that Netraverse was looking at, and b) was pretty clueless what was needed to install it under a 2.4.x kernel. Looking at Netraverse's site didn't help as I couldn't find any patches for 2.4.x.

I tried the VMware trial that comes with SuSE 7.2 and it was TERRIBLE!! Extremely slow and my mouse just barely worked. Couldn't double click on anything, etc. And I scrapped it.
But in relating my problems on the list, someone clued me that if I gave my guest WIN98 machine (under VMware) some more virtual memory, things would get better. Instead of 48MB (default) I gave it 200MB. (I have 512MB ram) Things got a whole lot better! And I was able to fix the mouse problems by just telling VMWare that I had a PS/2 mouse instead of letting it guess.

I now have a WIN98 machine sitting next to me that has been turned off and all the Win apps have moved over to VMWare. And I have purchased the product.

VMWare truely does provide a virtual machine and I have not noticed any problems with Windows running under VMware.

Michael Molloy ResortQuest International
Java Developer
901.762.4076 mmolloy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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