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xdm breaks virtual consoles in 7.2 + a curious 3D glitch
  • From: "Harrell, Tim" <HarrelT1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 12:02:08 +0100
  • Message-id: <FC3DA3DC8D4AD311AB910020352A8FDC0594A364@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
If I boot up and login with xdm as the display manager (level 5), I find
that I cannot switch to the virtual consoles in the usual way
This is bad news because if for any reason X hangs irreparably (ie, even
CTRL_ALT_Backspace does nothing) then you cannot switch to another
console to kill it off and restore sanity.
Having to reboot a linux system because the windowing system freezes is
pretty sad.
I've checked the config/startup scripts for xdm and everything seems ok:
GiveDevices has successfully given over tty0 + xconsole to the user
logging in to X.

However, a simple fix is to use kdm as the default display manager (set
it in rc.config).
kdm looks better as well.

Another curious thing I found as a result of this is that when I boot up
to login without a window manager (level 3) and run startx instead of
getting there via xdm/kdm, I cannot run anything which uses 3D
acceleration (any GL apps). It just segfaults. Considering that
.xsession basically execs .xinitrc I cannot find any conceivable reason
as to why GL stuff doesn't work when starting kde manually from the

Tim Harrell

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