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Re: [SLE] CDR (sr0 or scd0)
On Monday 20 August 2001 09:23 pm, Joe & Sesil Morris wrote:
> Thomas Bishop wrote:
> > Thanks for the response! I get the feeling I've applied overkill by
> > changing /etc/fstab entires from what they were originally. Am I right
> > in assuming from what you've said, that the appropriate burning program
> > will mount the drives as they are needed, and utilize the ide-scsi module
> > then? Thanks again,
> > Tom
> I can't be sure ALL burning programs work the same (I would assume so)
> since I have only used XCDRoast. According to the SDB (I believe I started
> 6.2), all I have needed to burn CDs with XCDRoast is add hdd=ide-scsi to
> lilo and change /etc/modules.conf line scsihostadapter from off to
> ide-scsi. That worked for XCDRoast to burn CDs using /dev/sg0. That was
> with kernels 2.2.13 at least til 2.2.19 (my present). Recently I wanted to
> try to use this drive also to read CDs, so I added ide-scsi to initrd
> modules in rc.config (via Yast), ran mk_initrd, then Lilo. I noticed in
> the boot that it was now /dev/sr0, which I added to fstab and I can now use
> it to read CDs as well. Since I believe most CD writing programs actually
> use cdrecord, I suspect they would all work this way. HTH. I am not an
> expert, though, so YMMV.

Thanks a bunch! This is exactly as I have done, and everything seems OK.
You have been most helpful.

SuSE 7.2 Pro

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