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Installing 7.2 in a new portable
  • From: "Luz Futten" <lfutten@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 00:20:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <20010820221822.2C5A7A407C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi, I got some questions:

Tried to install SUSE 7.2 Pro with KDE2, no luck.
First tried Yast2, then Yast1, and no way.
Of course I have the command line, but that's not the way for a
demo trying to convince people of my company that is easy
enough for them all...
The problem is that graphic card is recognized a Mitac, when it is
System is a portable that runs a boot utility called Bootit NG
( to manage partitions, etc. Always
used this utility with my older portable and everything was working
fine... I have 3 main partitions: Win2k, BeOS and SUSE 7.2 Pro
(and I want to use the KDE2x!)

The portable has the following:

- Win2k preinstalled. (company wants it. no comments)
- P3 1000MHz
- 256Mb RAM
- Fuyitsu MHM2200AT 20GB HD
- 32Mb Sh SIS 630 graphic card
- SIS 7018 audio driver built by Silicon Integrated Sys.Corp.
- Synaptics Touchpad
- CD/DVD unit a QSI DVD SDR-081
- Phoenix bios 4.0 release 6.0 (hell, this is an old thing!!!!)
System bios v1.07
- RJ45 (SIS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter)
- RJ11 (HSP56 MR crappy phantom modem fron PCTel Inc.)
- IRDA HP HSDL-1100/2100 (transceptor a, transceptor b =
transceptor SIR at maximum speed of 4,000,000bps)
- 2 SIS 7001 OHCI USB ports (not 2.0 compliant)
- 1 Paralell Port
- 1 Serial
- 1 PS/2
- 1 VGA Soundcard has Headphones out, Line IN, Mic 1/4"
jacks and incorporated mic (that stops working if you plug
something on the MIC In)

Also, 2 PCMCiA cards:
1. Edimax 10/100Mbps - Fast Ethernet model EP-4103
2. Pyro ADS technologies 1394 Firewire with 2 ports, 1 for
cameras, 1 for HDs.

Other devices:
One external USB crappy Archos Mini-CDRW 4x4x24, and a
Vipower USB/EIDE with a Datastor chip adapter unit where I have a
40GB Maxtor HD, 3,5". (, far cheaper than a 2,5"

Known problems, even in win2k environment =
1. Vipower is detected but not accesible.
2. Archos CDRW 4x4x24 sometimes doesnt work and give me a
lot of errors.. Driver is the one for the 5G cable, which is supposed
to be the right one for this model. I don't ask you to give a solution
for this, but I thougth it could be interesting to know about it,
anyway if you have time (don't think so!) a tip on it will be great.

Maybe is that I messed up was the Archos CDRW was for
recording while is a round disk game played in Grrece, that you
have to throw it away as far away as possible?

2. In command line soundcard doesn't work neither.. Is it a problem
cause it has a strange type of driver that has no behind
compatibility with midi MPU401, etc?

3. I have detected that if there is something plugged on the USB
port, the installation of KDE with Yastx hangs, and system
crashes (no hot boot available, I had to put reset it from behind the
portable with a small screwdriver. Wasn't supposed that new 2.4.x
kernel fully supports USB?

I tryed to install it without the PCMCIAs, without any USB stuff,
nor anything plugged on it, and still have problems.

Well, thanks in advance for any help... and sorry the long mail..

Also, to say that SUSE may be in holidays, I have never asked for
support in more than one year, this was the first time, and still

(: SmiLeS :)
Luz F.

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