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Re: [SLE] Two providers
On Monday 20 August 2001 09:31, Alain DIDIERJEAN wrote:
> I'm changing my provider. For some times, I'm going to have
> 2 internet accesses, 2 DNS servers, 2 e-mail addresses. How
> can I manage that (thru Yast1) cleanly.
> Any FAQ or HowTo about this problem ?

This is a guess, but it's what I would personally try first.

In YaST, you can give the same nic two names, two IP addresses, etc. They
will end up being (IIRC) eth0 and eth0:0. Each can have its own settings (IP,
DNS, Gateway, Subnet). I believe some information can come from the IP
Aliasing HowTo (but you're not really aliasing so to speak, just getting some

As for your email addresses, unless you're running sendmail, that's not
handled through yast. You just put the other email address as another account
in whatever email client you use, assuming you use an intelligent one that
can handle more than one account.


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