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Re: [SLE] The SuSE Linux Server
Ha, I totally agree. I was just at two book stores today, The University of
Wisconsin-Madison and Borders books. They had a fairly comprehensive
selection. Unfortunately, all but a select few were out of date. The most
recent books were the RH books with RH 7.1. The SuSE, KDE, etc were at least
a year old and two versions back - and an awful lot has changed since then.
This is why novice/intermediate users such as myself can get frustrated. The
only real up-to-date media is the Howto's (that's if they're indeed up to
date) and the man pages. The problem with the man pages is if you don't have
a backgroud is comp-sci or training as an Admin you can get lost in
assumptive jargon. If Linux starts to gain any more appreciable market share
it would be great it books could be published at the time of major releases
like other SF products (e.g. like the plethera of those Redmond type
products). Oh well, one can dream.

Cheers, Curtis

On Sunday 19 August 2001 11:45 pm, marsaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The green one? Yes, it is decent, but like all books, by the time you get
> them, Linux is way past the version it is based on :~( I think the books
> that come with Pro are good too. BTW, SuSE Press is hard to find in
> stores, I saw a lot in a trip to Texas at a Computer shop, including the
> SAMBA and a couple others.
> Regards,
> Jon
> On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Ricardo Rodriguez wrote:
> > I finally found a SuSE book (is easy to find a linux
> > book but not so easy to find a SuSE one).
> >
> > The books is from SuSE press and its called "The SuSE
> > Linux Server", had anyone here read it? is it good? I
> > just start reading it and it seem to cover all my
> > inmediate needs so Ill let you know about it.
> >
> > Im looking forward to read any comments about the book
> > if someone had a previous experience with it.
> >
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