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re: [SLE] LinuxCAD 2000
  • From: "Kenneth J. Becker" <kjbecker@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 22:30:03 -0400
  • Message-id: <BeyondMail.3.0.9982848660kjbecker@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dear SuSE List,
I have no direct experience with LinuxCAD, but I found this
Letter to the Editor of Linux Journal from a Web search.

Ken Becker

Questionable Advertising
I'm disappointed that the New Products section of October's Linux Journal
carried an announcement from Software Forge Inc. This company makes many
wonderful claims about LinuxCAD regarding its performance and AutoCAD
compatibility, virtually all of which are simply untrue. This was already
pointed out in a review in the July issue of the Linux Gazette, but
unfortunately I only saw this after having decided to take a chance on
LinuxCAD. Linux Journal also runs the on-line Linux Gazette, so I'm doubly
surprised that you should carry an advertisement for this product.
After seeing the advertisement for LinuxCAD, I visited the web site, and I sent
them a mail asking specific questions about LinuxCAD. The answer I received
clearly stated that all of the commands I asked about were supported by
LinuxCAD, and that the price was $99. This turned out to be completely untrue.
Virtually every command I specified was not supported. Furthermore, many
features are considered by them to be extras costing one to two hundred dollars
each. None of this was mentioned in the price listing on the Software Forge web
What defense does one have against this blatant dishonesty? It is further
aggravated by the fact that the Linux Journal carries an ad for the product.
Surely this was irresponsible on the part of Linux Journal. A large portion of
your target readership seems to be newcomers to Linux. This is clear from the
excellent series "Migrating to Linux". But newcomers are easy targets to this
kind of software fraud. I think it would be proper that the "magazine of the
Linux community" should also act as an ombudsman for the Linux community, and I
very much hope you can follow through on this. At the very least, Linux Journal
should refuse to carry advertisements for Software Forge Inc.
For your readers who are looking for CAD on Linux, there are a few
alternatives. Bentley's Microstation95 and VariCAD are both solid applications.
Unfortunately for me, and I imagine for many others, I have far too much time
invested in AutoCAD drawings, customisation, and in my own plug-in
applications, to be able to easily switch to another CAD package. There are a
number of competitors to AutoCAD these days who are offering "AutoCAD fluency",
for example IntelliCAD by Visio. I have written to them asking them to port
IntelliCAD to Linux. Maybe if enough of us write to them... Meanwhile, Autodesk
has me chained to MS windows.
--Steve Torchinskysteve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S. Here are links to pages mentioned above plus a few others.
LinuxCAD impressions by Robert Wuest:
VariCAD review by Damir Naden:
Microstation for Linux:
IntelliCAD by Visio: write to them!
Freedraft (2d only):
FreeDesigner (early stages. help out if you can.):

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From: Jaakko Tamminen <jtamminen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, on 8/20/01 12:53 AM:


does anybody have experience of LinuxCAD 2000?

It seems to be nice package when reading from their web-site, but is it truly
as good as they say? (worth the 99$).


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