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2GB windows filesize limit...
i'm running my machine on a dual boot (win98se/suse 7.2) and i made the
mistake of moving to BIG video files off of my windows partition and onto my
suse drive. but when i tried to move one of the files back, the file
transfer stalled at the 2.0GB mark.

turns out micros~1 won't allow the transfer of 2+GB files around a fat32
drive, so i'm stuck here with nearly 10GB of video footage that i can't
transfer to my windows drive for processing into smaller divx files.

coping the files directly doesn't work
ftp'ing them onto the windows partition doen't work either
error: [file to big] (or something)

any other suggestions?

'course, this wouldn't be a big deal if i knew of a good video editor for
kde/suse that would allow me to compress divx movies and wouldn't stretch the
audio track....

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