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Printer: Access by Users
I am currently stumped by this problem with User access to the printer. I
have read and checked and reinstalled and still can not print as a User.

As ROOT I have no problem, as one would expect. Printer was setup by
Yast2, using the lprold package [as nothing else can find my USB printer
port, and why is that, but that is for another day]. This is on 7.1 Pro
and KDE 2.1.1. I have no other hardware access problems: the modem works
fine for users and drive access is ok, etc.

If I launch the Printer config module(Yast2) when logged in as a user and
click on the printer, BAM, it will start printing. So, what have missed?
Is there a group to which the user needs to added? I have looked at the
obvious: lp, trusted.

TIA for any ideas.

Willard E. [Bill] Fullam III

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