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Re: [SLE] Hard Drive Partitions
This is how I have configured hard drives before (all logical partitions in a
single extended partition):

/ (root) 500MB reiserfs
/boot (1 block - around 10MB) ext2
/usr 2.5GB reiserfs
/tmp 1GB reiserfs - I use this for burning CD images
/var 500MB reiserfs
/opt 2.5 GB reiserfs
/home (remainder) reiserfs
/u1-/u2 etc. additional drives

However, I now use LVM (Logical Volume Manager) since it's supported by the
latest kernel and improves the performance of my SCSI drives.

If you're interested here's my install notes:

Installing SuSE 7.2 Professional - Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

Partitioning with the Logical Volume Manager using YaST2 is straightforward
once you've created the
Linux LVM (type 8e) partitions.

I decided that swap, /boot and / (root) should not be logical volumes (LVs)
and created separate ext2 and
reiser file systems for these. I dont expect / (root) and /boot to grow
significantly and allocated about 0.5GB (same
as for the swap partition). The /boot partition is just a single block
(around 12MB).

Both 18GB are partioned in the same way:

First SCSI drive (sda) - allocated to a single extended partition
sda5 - /boot ext2 15.1MB
sda6 - swap 503.1MB
sda7 - Linux LVM

Second SCSI drive (sdc) - allocated to a single extended partiton
sdc5 - / (root) reiserfs 518MB
sdc6 - Linux LVM

Initial settings for /dev/system (all reiserfs stripes = 2):

/local 504MB
/opt 2.5GB
/tmp 1GB
/usr 2.5GB
/var 504MB
/home 10GB

I haven't allocated all space.

NOTE: When creating new LVs delete the
previous ones otherwise installation will fail.


On Wednesday 08 August 2001 12:22 am, Watson, Randy wrote:
> How does one go about deciding how to partition the hard drives?
> What size should the different partitions be? Is there a rule of thumb?
> How many different partitions do I need? /, /root, /boot, /var, /etc,
> /usr, ???
> Are there any tried and true calculations? Does one decide based on the
> primary intended use? (i.e. mail server, ftp server, file server?)
> Could someone provide some samples? For instance, I have a 40 gig hard
> drive and want to use it for a Mail server and another for DNS. How would
> you partition it?
> Thanks
> Randy

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