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RE: [SLE] [OT] NTL Cable modem
  • From: "David Bottrill" <david.bottrill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 17:39:23 +0100
  • Message-id: <LAEPKHGANHIFKPAGMGLCIEIEEBAA.david.bottrill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> > most versions of windoze.
> >
> > If someone out there can advise how to overide a NIC's MAC
> address can they
> > let me know so I can make a note for future reference.
> Since you have a Linksys router, try going to the control program
> ( and then select Advanced, then select the fifth tab
> at the top (MAC address clone). I think that will do it for you. It
> does get complicated, though, because your ISP (NTL, I guess) wants to
> know the IP address that they see, and changing it requires a dialog with
> them.
I already do that. What I would like to know is how to change the MAC
address under Linux, I untend to replace the Linksys box with a Linux based
smoothwall system as this seems the most logical solution for providing
routeing, NAT, firewall and VPN termination that I want to setup.

> However, all that may be overkill. In my case, when I first had my
> system connected to the cable modem, I deliberately didn't go through the
> router. Then when I got my router I gave the ISP the MAC address of the
> router, and that worked fine. You should be able to discover all the
> relevant IP and MAC addresses by poking around in the Linksys control
> program.
As I first connected my laptop to the cable modem and got NTL to configure
my access after providing them with the MAC adddress of the cable modem, all
worked correctly, I then connected a Windoze NT4 server (running firewall
and proxy) this failed to obtain an IP address from NTL. After a few hours
of scratching my head I figured out it must be the MAC address that had been
remembered. I got the mac address of the laptop and used that on the NT box
to overide the NIC's hard-coded address (registry hack), hey presto the NT
box now got an IP address from NTL.

My cable modem is and old 3Com office connect model, I have been advised to
power-cycle the box or to power it on whist pushing the reset button, but it
still won't release the stored MAC address. I daresay it must be the NTL
DHCP server caching my MAC address then working more like a BOOTP server
supplying an IP only to my registered MAC address. I suppose I could call
NTL and get them to change my cached MAC address, however I would prefer to
understand how to overide the MAC address of a Linux system as required in
order to have the flexbility of changing my router hardware whenever I want
rather than relying on NTL to update their DHCP server.

David Bottrill

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