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Re: [SLE] Two Hubs
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  • Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 18:27:09 +0200
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At 17:11 8-8-2001, David Grove wrote:
I have a problem. Thought you might have a clue or have run into this before.

I have two hubs, let's call them A and B. (Physically, A is a big mama, and B
is a dinky D-Link.) I have four rooms, A, B, C, and D. (Physically, A is
where I work, and B is where I've moved the machines to lower the heat in
this small room.) Hub A is in room A, hub B is in room B. I have Cat5 going
from rooms B, C, and D to room A to connect the house to a central point.

Some background. Two days ago, Hub B didn't exist, and all of the machines
were in room A save one. This made it almost too hot to work during summer
days in here. So I moved all machines but one into room B last night.

There are now 4 machines in Room B on hub B. There is one machine in room A.

My intention was to link Hub A to Hub B. I've tried the "uplink" port of hub
B as well as a standard port going to Hub A. Neither of them allowed any
machine connected to Hub A communicate with any machine connected to Hub B. I
have no idea what's wrong with this setup. The cable was straight-through
Cat5 and not a crossover. The only solution that I've been able to get
working is to directly connect the sole machine in Room A to the hub in Room
B using single wire connecting the two rooms. This leaves rooms C and D dead,
and no ability to use my laptop which is usually connected to room C.

I need to have a hub in both rooms A and B.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Well .. a couple of pointers.

All ur machines are connected to room A, either by direct cable, or through hub B.
Hubs generaly have a shared port ... wich means 1 of the ports on the hub can only be used either as an uplink port or as a connection-port (this shared port is usually port 1 , but can also be the last port on the hub).
So although u may have 5/9 ports on ur hub, 4/8 of them can only be used at the same time.
If ur hub only has regular oprts, then there shoudl definatly be a swith on it wich tells it to make one of the ports a cross-over one.

I suggest making a straigt connection from u router in Room A, with a regular cable (the one ur using to link ur machine on now) to the uplink port of the hub in room B.

The cable shouldn't be the problem, since ur machine in Room A is working properly over it, the only problem u might encounter is not enough ports on hub B.

If on the other hand ur using a cross-link cable, u should plug it in 2 regular ports on both the hub A & B.

Using hubs to network is usualy quite simple & foolproof.
So unless ur putting the cables in the wrong ports, it's quite possible a hardware error.

Seeing as u mention the big hub in room A being a hub, i assume it's not a switch or a router with programming capabilities.
If on the other hand it is, then u should probly have to dig up the manual of the beast & see how u should enable the routing functions.

Good luck & happy lanning.


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