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Re: [SLE] Very strange hardware problem
  • From: david.garnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 20:48:18 +0200 (MEST)
  • Message-id: <997210098.3b7037f2773cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I have exactly the same problem with my new box:
Mb Asus A7M266 with the last version of the Bios
512Mb DDR Crucial Registered ECC
Athlon 1Ghz
Video SiS 6326 PCI

Everything else seems irrelevant because the problem appears even with
everything else unplugged (and with two different video cards, one PCI, one

In short, when I turn the box on, it actually boots only one in 3 times
(usually). I can reboot it and it works fine. Rock stable (been running Win98
for two weeks without crashing).

One idea: when I turn it on and it doesn't boot, I had to keep pushing the
power button for more than 4 seconds to actually turn it off. Pushing the
button once doesn't stop it. When it boots normally, the button works OK.
I think it might be a problem with the power management system.

What Bios do you have? I have an Award Bios.

Best regards,
David Garnier

> Hello list!
> I have a very strange problem with my motherboard.
> It is an AOpen AK7 with my old Athlon 600.
> I have just bought this MB because the former MB died
> by a problem in a memory slot. Everything worked fine
> before it.
> The problem is that my MB does not always start. It is
> stable, I have not had any crash. But when I turn off
> the PC I can hardly bring it back on.The leds are on, but
> no beep and no images are in my screen!
> I can always reset without no prob, so the BIOS is not faulty.
> I have checked the power, but it is ok as disks start
> spinning up. There is no overheating problem, as it would
> crash, not only refuse to start.BTW Bios says the temperature
> is about 40°C which is pretty fresh.
> I have controlled the other boards, and they are on ok.
> I am thinking about the CPU, but it would crash if there is a
> problem there right?
> Any other idea is welcomed!
> Tazio

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