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Re: [SLE] 7.2 Install successful, but every boot fails.
  • From: Volker Kuhlmann <kuhlmav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 13:22:45 +1200 (NZST)
  • Message-id: <200108030122.NAA21973@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >I think you might be able to fix this with something like:
> >
> >disk=/dev/sda
> > bios=0x80
> >
> >in your lilo.conf global section. Can you bring the system up by booting from
> >CD and selecting "boot installed system"?
> Hrm... tried that, no luck. I think it has something to do with a missing
> /var/lib/modules matching set of modules for the kernel I installed (SMP
> 2.4 based).

Aha, taht's the hint. It took me until midnight yesterday to install
7.2 on a 486.

Problem: the install kernel is called 2.4.4-4GB, however the installed
kernel may be 2.4.4 or any of the 2.2 ones. As long as the install system
is running, or when you start the rescue system, modules in /lib/modules
will never match the running kernel, and therefore will never load.

Your specific problem is that your root fs can't be mounted because a
required module can't be loaded, I bet. There may be sevaral reasons
why the module doesn't load: missing initrd, forgot to run lilo, some
module missing in initrd, wrong module version in initrd, etc


1) Boot something, somehow. The install system is preferable over the
rescue system. I found it pretty useless to generate a rescue floppy in
my case.

2) Mount the installed systems's disk somewhere and use chroot.

mount /dev/... /yourmountpoint

chroot /yourmountpoint /bin/sh

3) You MUST put all modules required to boot into INITRD_MODULES="" in
/etc/rc.comfig. You MUST also put all modules (first!) in tehre which
are required by the modules you need - this screwed me big style. My
smc-ultra and the aha1542 now are dependent on isa-pnp, although I know
I don't have any plugnpray in my box. Without isa-pnp being insmod'ed
first, aha1542 won't load, ergo no root fs, bingo.

The dependecies may not be easy to find as you can not run modprobe and
regenerate the /lib/modules/version/modules.dep as the running kernel
doesn't match. Don't delete this file!!

4) Run mk_initrd and wait; btw SuSE this program is great!!

5) Edit /etc/lilo.conf and make sure it's correct. Dunno about how
you make sure it's correct if you're unsure about what has to go on
there... sorry, use your linux admin skills.

6) Run lilo with -v -v -v | more, and examine the output *very
carefully*. Fix any warnings you may get. Warnings like "bios drive 0x80
not accesible" are deadly!

7) cross your fingers, speak a prayer, and run reboot (actually the
first 2 are optional)

8) If result != expected && 1)


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