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Re: [SLE] help with upgrading video card
> >> I am wondering how I can change my video card from the existing Ati
> >> Rage 128 to an NVidia GeForce2 MX200. I am a newbie using SuSE linux
> >> 7.2. What I'm afraid of is that when I install the card the X-Window


> > Just run 'sax' (xfree3) or 'sax2" (xfree4) from command line to
> > configure your video card.
> With this card sax is out of the question as your card is not supported,
> so its sax2 only. I don't believe it should ask whether you want to
> enable 3d or not, if it does say no. Make sure you get the Linux drivers
> from (get the src rpms if you have changed kernel).
> With sax2 it bombed on me when I ran it after selecting "nvidia" option,
> keep it with "nv". You can test the resolutions and save the file, then
> edit /etc/X11/XFree86Config and change nv to nvidia. Also under the
> modules section have this:
> Load
> "glx"
> Also, I believe you need to run switch2nvidia_glx. Then you should be
> set. Further information/clarification is available at


My geforce works fine with the drivers that came with SuSE 7.2. However,
these have no 3D acceleration; to get hardware 3D you have to use the drivers
that can be downloaded from Nvidia's web site.

But yes, it also bombed out on me when switching from driver "nv" to the new
driver "nvidia" (XF86 complains about not being able to initialize nvidia's
kernel module, which seems to be already running, though).

So unfortunately, I have to make do with the "nv" driver and use Mesa soft
3D, which is not at all as fast as could be desired.

Anybody's got an idea about what to do to get this running?


Nacho de los RĂ­os

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