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Re: [SLE] Printing tiff files?
On Wednesday 01 August 2001 16:45, you wrote:
> "Steven T. Hatton" <hattons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I've been trying to get the tiff files available at the following page to
> > print:
> >
> >
> >
> > I can't seem to find a way to get them to simply print one file per page.
> The following may help.
> Man convert:
> To convert a TIFF image to a Postscript A4 page with the
> image in the lower left-hand corner, use:
> convert -page A4+0+0 image.tiff
> rpm -qf /usr/bin/convert
> ImageMagick-5.3.1-25
> Printing:
> convert -page A4+0+0 image.tiff - | lpr
> --
> Alexandr.Malusek@xxxxxxxxxx


Thanks. That got me over the first hurdle. Now I have over 500 individual
postscript files which I would like to be able to print in such a way as to
form a book consisting of sections of ten sheet each. I attempted to use
psmerge to join the individual postscrip files into larger postscrip files.
That didn't seem to work. Is there a way to format a spool file so that two
postscript file will be printed on the same face and in landscape orientation?

When I already have my document in a postscript file I typically use psbook
and psnup, but I don't think these will do any good in this situation. Just
to be clear. I have a postscript file for each page. These were created by
using convert on the tiff files.



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