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Re: [SLE] root HELP
  • From: "A_Johnson-SuseML-e" <lj_suse_ml@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 13:28:18 -0600
  • Message-id: <DAV33pQubaQYGpmIQT50000751f@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Ahh this was tricky for me at first, but by the time I finished I have a
somewhat greater understanding of the Linux world... Get this FAQ from here
its easy to follow and implement... even if you are not running a web server
this has some good ideas.

1.) get the secure web_server doc from

2.) install SECMOD and INSMOD rpms they should be on your distro CDs or at ... someDIR... I cant remember right now.

3.)run suse_harden with the options y y y y y n y n y y
As for the suse_harden file go to and click on
the SuSE lizard. After you download the tar.gz file unpak it onto a
dir. But here was my hang-up, I could run the darn thing, I tried and
tried so finally I went into xwindows KDE2 and use the file manager
(Konqueror) and found the file, rename the file to ( harden_suse) then I
double clicked it and I was prompted with "open with" and select the
CHECK BOX "run terminal" and wala you are prompted to choose YES or NO for
the following options..... I chose y y y y y n y n y y

4.) follow the web_server faq

5.) make sure you create a user with root privileges....
a.) add user either by command line or yast
b.) open the /etc/passwd file
c.) change the 500 (user id) to 0 and the 100 (groupid) to 0 also. Then
save /etc/passwd
## use this user when you wish to do any ROOT activities, but I
recommend that you create a general user account for general
computer usage... AND NEVER BROWS internet as ROOT, its a bad idea!!

6.) I presume that you have SuSEfire wall up and running... If you get the
error messages from the following...
Starting Firewall Init........
No interfaces active! exiting ...
SuSEfirewall: clearing rules now ... done
Initializing random number generator done
Setting up network device eth0
Setting up network device eth1
Setting up routing (using /etc/route.conf) done
Starting Firewall Initialization: (phase 2 of 3)
Starting inetd done
Starting Firewall Initialization: (phase 3 of 3)
Master Resource Control: runlevel 3 has been reached
Failed services in runlevel 3: SuSEfirewall_init SuSEfirewall_setup

THIS IS OKAY, I know its weird but the fire wall starts after the NICs
initialize... you can test the fire wall by typing "SuSEfireall help" (for a
list of commands)

Now that this is dome there are a million things to read about security...
a fun one is this , reads like a spy novel he
he he...

Please let me know if you need any help, I learn the quickest by helping
others :)

Best of LUCK :)
Aaron L. Johnson

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Subject: RE: [SLE] root HELP

> Senor Johnson,
> Where did you get the information about hardening your SuSE box? I am a
> newbie too... and I would love to know how to make mine more secure.
> thanks
> dave
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> Subject: [SLE] root HELP
> Hello,
> It's the new guy again, first I have to admit I can use Linux like a man
> can drive a car but gets into a it's all in theory, I jus don't
> know where all the switches and pedals are what that is out of
> way and I have notified everyone that I don't know jack I might get a
> that I can comprehend :)
> Okay I've (well I think I have) secured my Linux box...with SuSE harden, a
> few FAQs on disabling services, changing permissions and general
> I want to create a user that has ROOT ablites with out the
> name. Sounds Easy, I thought it was but NOPE, none of them work entirely
> right, kind of like a co-worker of mine ;p Anyway that's my issue.
> Thanks from A NEWBIE,
> Aaron, L. Johnson
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