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Re: [SLE] Logitech cordless mouse puzzler

> > When I replace the batteries, the
> > mouse will not start working again unless I boot to Windows, and
> > initialize it there.


> I don't have Windows, so I don't think the Windows boot is necessary. I
> always go through a flurry of various misguided procedures every time I
> replace the batteries. I always end up killing the X server, but I don't
> even think that's necessary. I think the Channel button is the one that is
> important here but I don't know for sure because I always hit all of the
> buttons. Basically, when I hit the channel button, I wait a few seconds for
> the LED on the receiver to blink. When I can get that blink, it works.

I would dearly hope a Windows boot is NOT necessary every time the batteries
go dead... sigh... I long for the day I can remove that slug called MS
Windows off my computer... sadly, my wonderful bank is completely net-phobic.
I have the choice of running custom, Windows only software that will not
work in an emulator under Linux, or using their web banking that requires I
use a bank card reader plugged into a serial port - a reader that only has
Windows drivers... Linux doesn't know what to do with it.

Anyway, on to the mouse issue. Someone suggested (in an off list email) to
check the mouse config, check the mouse receiver, and read the Mouse HOWTO.
I skimmed through the HOWTO, and it is not the answer. The mouse works fine
(drivers, receiver etc) until the batteries go dead. It is a sudden thing...
the mouse just stops working and I go through the panic like mentioned
above... even to the point of killing the X server and restarting.

Pressing the Channel button and patiently waiting doesn't seem to help...
neither does doing the same with the Connect button. It seems that once the
mouse looses power abnormally, like when the batteries are removed or go dead
(vs during a normal power off/restart) Linux completely looses track of the
mouse. Restarting X, rebooting... nothing seems to reactivate the mouse
until I boot to Windows and reactivate the mouse there (I have to press
Channel, and then OK in a popup window).

This is something that should not be linked to the software... this is a
hardware handshake... you can do this reset thing fine in Windows without the
Logitech drivers installed (just using the basic generic mouse driver)... the
same should be possible in Linux.


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