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KDE gives me the BSOD!
I have a fairly regular X/KDE crash that is now officially on my nerves.


Homebuilt dual PIII500 on SuperMicro board
a leftover Creative 3d Blaster Savage4

I installed SuSE 7.1, saw that it was good, and then

upgraded via SuSE rpm:

Xfree 3xx to Xfree 403
upgraded KDE2 to KDE 2.1.1

(It uses Xfree3xx on the default install)

I run Sax2 to configure the new Xfree4 and it sees the video card and all
that. I set it fairly mellow, 1600x1200 at 16bpp on my Sony 420GS 19 inch.


Everything works, I get on and mess around, but then, a little less than half
the time, when I logout of X, it kicks out, the screen flashes, it's about to
return to the terminal, then, poof, a black screen of death. A lot of the
time, it makes it back to the terminal. I quit using the KDM, and I've been
anal about quitting all the apps, and everything real nice, you know, try to
sneak out real calm like. No effect.

Feels very random. I have done several clean installs (for practice mostly),
and this happened each time. Now I have the computer set-up nice, but for the
BSOD. I have to basically *unplug* the computer, I can't seem to get control
any other way. Then it runs fsck on my 30GB and then my 60GB drive (yawn
city) and eventually, it's rebooted. This is no way to live.

Any tips on how to begin trouble shooting this?

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