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RE: [SLE] [OT] Athlon Processor
  • From: "Stuart Powell" <stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 09:00:27 -0500
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Hello, Guy.

You might want to take a quick look over at Toms Hardware at his recent
comparison of a whole slew of heatsinks For an Athlon
1GHz, 56C was about the worst of his bunch, while 30C was the best. The
best was achieved with a solid copper heat sink and monster fan, which is
probably out of reach for most users. It is also likely that the guy who
built your system cut corners and didn't put good goop between the CPU and
heat sink. This stuff is the best (Arctic Silver II) This goop can reduce
temperatures by about 6C.

You might want to get some extra case fans too to help extract the hot air
from your case. Bear in mind that the newer Athlons are rated to run up to
95C, although they won't last very long at that temperature, so 56C is not
exactly the end of the world, especially for a 1.333GHz. I was a bit
concerned when I built my wife's machine recently to find her 1.333GHz chip
running at 46C, and a friend of mine has his running at about 41C, but I was
comparing these to my Dual PIII-850, where the chips only run at 31C. Bear
in mind that those super fast chips do run hotter.

If you want to replace your heatsink, Thermaltake have a new Super-Orb
coming out soon with a copper core which promises good cooling at a
reasonable price. Copper, silver and gold are the best materials for a
heatsink, but silver and gold are a bit expensive, hence the silver goop I
mentioned above. Do NOT use thermal tape, it actually reduces heat transfer
between the CPU and heatsink.

Keeping systems cool is something of an art form, but airflow is the key.
Buy those extra case fans, but have some blowing in and some blowing out.
Intake should suck cooler air in at the bottom, and the exhaust should blow
hot air out from as close to the CPU as possible. Remember, hot air rises.

As for the overclocking, the chip does have a number stamped onto the
surface which would allow you to see what speed the chip is actually
supposed to be. If it has been overclocked, the vendor is a putz, since the
price of these things is so low, he's doing it for a very small amount of
extra cash. Your best bet is to get a tube of goop.

Bye for now,

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I know this is off topic, but I just bought a new PC (for Linux), but
I suspect that the guy who sold it to me isn't completely honest. So,
I need some help, and I've always found friends here.
The thing is, my wife has been saving for a long time to give me a
decent Linux machine (for my birthday, cause my old one was getting
real slow for what I use it for), and I really don't want it to break
down in a couple of years.

My system is an Athlon 1.333 GHZ with a ThermalTake Volcano cooler.
(- Abit motherboard, to be replaced with an Asus which was out of
stock - VIA chipset - Award bios)
It should cool the CPU down to about 30°-40°C (specially when idle),
but my CPU is constantly running at 56°C - 60°C...
Even when idle (same on full load). I thought the kapmd-idle thread
would keep it cool? But that guy claims that isn't so for an Athlon
(only Intel). He also claims that this temperature can do no harm to
my CPU, but I doubt that. Searching the internet indicates that
temperatures like that shorten the life of an Athlon (most of my
systems run up to 10 years, about 4-5 years with me, and than past on
to family members), and on many sites, the ThermalTake volcano is
rated very good (should cool to 30-35° when idle).

He claims I might be able to get my CPU cooler by running (once) a
windows utility that can set a register on the chipset to make it run
idle when not loaded? Does anyone know if this is true?

I also fear that the CPU might be a lower type (1-1.2, overclocked to
1.333), is there any way to check this?

I'm sorry about posting this topic, but I really need help.

Thanks for any ideas!


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